Indian Bravehearts is a social organization with quality certification of ISO 9001:2008 working across India dedicated to the Social service, humanity of encouraging and celebrating the individual and collective potential of people and society. Indian Bravehearts aims at harness the energies and potential of citizens of the India for making the world a better place to live with compassion, peace and dignity. We believe that, ultimately, humanity is one on this small planet is our home. Our mission is to celebrate and salute the agents of change at familial, local, national and international levels of society. We have a mission to make excellence in public service and social accountability a movement in Delhi.

strong>Cause : Indian Bravehearts is resolved to promote dignity of individuals in life as well as after death by extending appropriate last rites to unclaimed dead bodies with full honour throughout Capital Delhi. To Support this Social Cause IBH has instituted Delhi Gaurav Awards. We know that the capital city of India Delhi has grown in to a global city combining the heritage tag with world class Infrastructure and Services. To celebrate and showcase this spirit, IBH through Delhi Gaurav Awards will honour Individuals, Agencies, Civic bodies, Public & Private Organizations and Corporateswhose valuable contribution to the process of making Delhi a National Pride and International destination. It is for the first time that an organization like Indian Bravehearts have decided to honour those Peoples and Agencies who keep Delhi clean, green and going and making a unique place on Globe.For the selection of the names of Awardees, we have devised a detailed procedure through a nomination process being monitored and decided by an eminent jury consisting of Retd judges, Reputed Bureaucrats and other Public Figures who have won laurels in their own respective fields .


Identify those areas of tradition and heritage in rural and tribal India whose value in historical, cultural, spiritual or economic terms is intrinsic to the identity of the residents of those areas and whose preservation and conservation can play a substantial role in enhancing the quality of life.

Identify and document the built, natural, living and intangible heritage assets throughout rural and tribal India, including those represented in urban areas, in a systematic manner, and to maintain a permanent record of all such documentation.

Take steps for the preservation and conservation of heritage assets in rural areas, and of those assets in non-rural areas that represent linkage with rural origins, in full cooperation with local communities and stakeholders.

Undertake programs of revival and enhancement of rural heritage assets in such a way as to foster local economic development, provide improvement in civic and other infrastructure, encourage improvements in education, healthcare and gender equality, and in general to promote the betterment of the lives of the residents of the concerned communities.

Create and stimulate awareness amongst the general public of the richness, variety and importance of India’s rural heritage, and of the importance of preserving and nurturing the built, natural, and intangible heritage of rural areas.


Design, facilitate and enable implementation of programs and initiatives for the enhancement of the rural economy and livelihoods, benefiting in particular the health and social well-being of rural women and children.


Indian Bravehearts is deeply concerned with growing incidence of roadrage on the roads & streets of Delhi. The aggressive & unruly behavior by drivers on roads often leads to rude gestures, verbal insults, threatening behavior, physical injuries & even death by collisions & assaults. It is a serious threat to health, safety & lives of all the road users & the victims of such instances need to be protected from these trigger happy individuals.IBH assist the victims medically, legally & morally through a concerted centralized intervention by its network of volunteers, counselors, insurance people, police& legal mediators.

Indian Brave Hearts from time to time conducts different Programs to achieve its objectives in the year 2014 -2015 a few of the programs undertaken were as follows :

Sawaach Bharat Abhiyan In order to promote the Cleanliness campaign of Shri Narender Modi a community cleaning program with the help volunteers and along with local citizens , shopkeepers and Office Bearers was conducted in South West part of Delhi Bikaji Cama Place in the month of August 2014

Beti Paado Beti Badao: IBH contributed the services in the Mass Marriage Program of Laadi Foundation , for this efforts of Indian Brave Hearts were appreciated and awards was given by Laadi Foundation to IBH .

Drawing Competition To develop the creativity among the School Children a Drawing Competition program was conducted in SBM Sarawati Bal Mandir School Amar Colony in Dec 2014 and the winners of the Competition were awarded by IBH Team with aim to motivate the children to develop the Creative bend of mind .

GK Programs Conducted IBH conducted GK Competition in order to improve the knowledge of students on Current Affairs and other subjects linked to the general studies so has to improve and Check the IQ among the students at College program was conducted in Ambedkar College of Delhi University in the month of Sep 2014.

IBH Achiever Award 2014-2015 was given to the Chief of PWD Mr Dinesh Kumar on the Day of his retirement in Jan 2015 he has been highly instrumental in developing the infrastructure of Delhi , He is one man who has been associated with construction of 80 Flyovers in Delhi and he is better known as the Flyover Man .

Book Distribution Program: The Book Distribution Program was conducted in Sep 2014 by IBH for College Students where books were distributed to the Students of economically weaker section of society the aim was Right to Education is for all immaterial of the economic status of the person.

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